Marcus reached out to me in July 2016 for Nutrition Services. Because of his coachable attitude, dedication, amount of additional support, and willingness to communicate regularly, I knew as soon as I spoke with him on the phone he was a great match and would benefit tremendously from the nutritional services I could provide. As a coach, my ultimate goal is to educate the athlete with the “why” and the “how” so they can become independent of my help and create a lifestyle change that is ultimately sustainable for as long as they live. Marcus has learned the importance of eating high quality, nutrient dense foods and how to eat in such a way that supports optimal health. I consult with him on a regular basis and share resources with him that are specific to his individual needs so that he can make educated decisions and create meals that satiate, stabilize blood sugar levels, promote energy balance, increase fat metabolism, decrease systematic inflammation, etc. Because of his contagious enthusiasm, passion, and growth mindset, Marcus has and will continue to be successful and crush goals.


CoQ10 ST-100 (2x/day)
Intensive Care (3x/day)
OmegaGenics  SPM Active (2 tabs 2x/day)
Nutri-West Total Probiotics (daily)
Standard Process Symplex M (3x/day)
Body Health  Perfect Amino 15 (2x/day)
Bariatric Advantage Calcium (3x/day)

Katie Proko
USAT Level I Coach
CISSN- Certified Sports Nutritionist
(512) 963-1686